Extension of Appointment for Primary Caregiver

The probationary period of an untenured member of the tenure-track faculty is extended one year in connection with the arrival of the faculty member’s newborn or adopted child if: (1) the faculty member, preferably before the child’s arrival but no later than six months after arrival, elects such an extension by notifying the departmental chairperson, in writing, that the faculty member intends to act as the child’s primary caregiver during the year following the child’s arrival and (2) the faculty member acts as the primary caregiver during the year following the child’s arrival.

Faculty members who become eligible to take a primary caregiver extension during their first three-year appointment may elect to apply the extension to their first three-year appointment or they may defer such extension and, if reappointed, apply it to the second appointment period. Nothing in this policy entitles a faculty member to any reappointment and, when a faculty member chooses to defer the extension until the second appointment but is not reappointed, the extension is lost. Except in extraordinary circumstances, as defined by the Provost, the probationary period may not increase, under this policy or otherwise, more than a total of two years