The Faculty Handbook is a resource that contains information relevant to faculty and academic administrators at the University of Notre Dame, including the Mission Statement of the University, the Bylaws of the University, the Academic Articles, the Undergraduate Academic Code, and academic policies.

The Faculty Handbook is not a comprehensive compilation of all policies and documents that apply to faculty, nor is it a repository of all information that could potentially be useful to faculty. Rather, it is simply intended to be a helpful collection of materials most commonly of interest to faculty and academic administrators. If you do not find within the Faculty Handbook the information you are looking for, please visit to search all websites at Notre Dame or use our contact form to submit a question.

For information about college or department policies/procedures and how they relate to the general policies listed here, please contact your dean’s office or your department chair.

Note: The employment relationship between a faculty member and the University is governed by a contract and/or letter of appointment, which incorporate the Academic Articles of the University. Nothing included in the Faculty Handbook alters the terms of a faculty contract or letter of appointment unless expressly stated within the contract or letter of appointment.

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